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Computerized Number Plate with one step process

Bagamati state going with huge changes within the system to make digital Nepal has impossed the new vehicle registration system which they call Embossed Number Plate system for the vehicles registered within the State. The charges they offer to get this digital number plate are:

     a) Two wheelers-                               NRs 2500

     b) Three wheelers-                            NRs 2900

     c) Four wheelers and light vehicles-  NRs 3200

     d) Heavy vehicles and others-           NRs 3600

The working procedure is also not so tough enough. You can follow the process as:

Step 1- Visit https://hsenp.dotm.gov.np

Step 2- Go to get started icon and fill the necessary details and your valid mobile number but be careful to provide the actual registration number and your mobile number as if mistake you would get problem during verification and get the digital number plate at the end.

Step 3- You will get 6-digit verification code to authorize in the mobile and then you need to submit the details from your bluebook with the required photos from the bluebook itself. Once submitted you will get confirmation from the system and can print the page.

Step 4- You need to visit to vehicle management office and clear all your tax dues and submit the application charges as applicable.

Step 5-Once you pay all the charges and tax, you need to submit the printed confirmation paper, bluebook detailed page xerox, 2 photo, citizenship photocopy or company certificates with authorized person certification paper to the vehicle management office. Be careful, original bluebook must be shown during document submission.

Step 6- Once the document is submitted, you should wait for a SMS in your phone to get a date and time in order to visit the transporation management office as your digital number plate is ready for delivery.

Step 7- Finally, visit to the respected office to get your number plate attachted in your vehicle.

Following this just 7 simple steps, you can get your digital number plate in your vehicle. Smart Service Inn does all the job done for your with two simple steps.

Step 1- Visit our website and get registered and wait for our representative to visit at your doorstep or find a nearby counter to drop your documents and wait for 3 days to complete all the 5 steps by us and get notified with the submission.

Step 2- Get mobile SMS to get your digital number plate with venue, date and time with your preference from vehicle management office and get attachted.

With a reasonable charge of NRs 680 per motorcycle and NRs 1,020 per private car we proceed all the steps and for any drawbacks or default company takes all the responsibility to make necessary adjustment as per applicable by laws and directives of the ministry and the related office.