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Know how much to pay and how to pay the vehicle tax

The vehicle tax collected each year from the vechicles by the govenment is the major source of income for the country. The federal government has distributed this earnings to the state and local government in order to increase the revenue of the local government and this has become the most crucial job to the central government to make suitable arrangements in all the level.

So the 7 state of the country has setup of different tax rates for vehicles as per their types and cc. And additional to tax the tax office takes 300/400/500 charges what they call the renewal charge in order to validate the bluebook depending upon vehicle types.

You can calculate your tax from tax calculator button in, with your vehicle type, cc, year of manufactured and renewal dates. Their are two renewal dates:

1) Renewal From: The renewal from is the date representing when you visited last time at yatayat karylaya. This date might be the date you paid your tax only, got your bluebook renewed, transferred the ownership cerificate, got some changes in your vehicle, got bluebook duplicates, and so on.

2) Renewal To: The renewal to date is the date which the tax office has requested you to visit again at their office. Generally this is the date when the bluebook validity is expired and you can get 90days grace period to get your documents renewed.