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Insurance Service

Insurance Service

We provide both comprehensive and third party insurance without additional charges at your doorstep

Smart Service Inn Pvt Ltd helps people to get their vehicle insured through Prabhu Insurance. The service offered for insurance is at best price without any additional charges to customer.

Generally their are two type of insurance policy for vehicles:

1) Third Party Insurance Policy-

This insurance policy whenever issued covers all the liabilities regarding the third party whoever get affected in any cause due to the vehicle which has been insured. This policy also covers the liabilities of the people within the vehicle too. The only difference is that this type of policy doesnot cover only the liability of the vehicle that has been insured. The third party insurance policy are governed by the Insurance board along with Nepal government so the claims are generally delayed paid but the payment is 100% secured.

Third party insurance policy price are fixed and are depended upon the engine cubic capacity (cc) and the seat capacity of the vehicle.

2) Comprehensive Insurance Policy-

This insurance policy whenever issued covers all the liabilities of the vehicle including third party damage too. Our company provides 10% direct discount from the insurance company itself to our valued customer whenever issued for full insurance through us. The policy premium price depends upon various factors but it is definately assured that the premium price will be decreased from 5-20% of the earlier policy price whenever produced with a valid dates.

Due to covid, there is 3 months lapse period discount in comprehensive insurance policy from Prabhu Insurance whenever produced by us. That is our valued customer could be benefited with 30% discounts whenever produced with a valid insurance policy revised and issued from Prabhu Insurance through us.